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Cycle routes

The Hotel guests have at their disposal bicycles, by which can travel on neighboring tourist routes - filled with culture, history and beautiful landscape of the Roztocze region.

The price for rental of a bike - 10 PLN per day,


Route Łącznikowy Batorz Porytowe Wzgórze, yellow, length: 40 km
Batorz, Antolin, Wierzchowiska, Bilsko, Janów Lubelski, Kruczek, Cegielnia, Szklarnia, Porytowe Wzgórze.
It runs through places related to the insurrection of 1863 to the place of the greatest partisan battle of War World II on the Polish land.

Route - section of the Central Route of the Roztocze region, blue, length within the county: 30 km
It runs on the edge of the Roztocze region through areas with a very diverse land relief. From Batorze it runs next to the mound of Marcin Borelowski "Lelewel" (Polish January Insurrection of 1863), in a beech forest, picturesque gorges. After a flood in August 1999, the soil uncovered a place geologically very interesting.

The Route of Partisan Fights, red, length within the County: 40 km.
It runs through a complex of the Janów and Lipsko Forests, enabling to learn the most important places related to campaigns "Sturmwind I" and "Sturmwind II", numerous places of national memory and the most interesting naturally fragments of great forest complexes, nature reserves: "Imielity Ług", " Janów Forests", "Szklarnia".

Indirect cycling route around the county of Janów, green, length: 161 km
Janów Lubelski, Porytowe Wzgórze, Momoty, Kiszki, Ujście, Szewce, Boreczki, Kocudza, Dzwola, Łada, Chrzanów, Otocz, Zdziłowice, Batorz, Błażek, Piłatka, Antolin, Wierzchowiska, Wolica, Modliborzyce, Stojeszyn, Potoczek, Łysaków, Maliniec, Osówka, Świdry, Gwizdów, Kopczańska Góra, Łążek Garncarski, Przymiarki, Kruczek, Janów Lubelski

Route of Clay Pots, length: 15 km
Janów Lubelski, Ruda, Łążek Garncarski
The route runs along the Białka river valley to center of folk craftsmanship - Łążek Garncarski.

Trip to the forest treasure
Janów Lubelski, Kruczek, Porytowe Wzgórze, Szewce, Ujście, Kiszki, Momoty Górne, Momoty Dolne, Łążek Ordynacki, Szklarnia, Janów Lubelski
length 52 km
The Forest Treasury runs through the most interesting places of the Janów Forests with high historical and landscape values.

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