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Finnish sauna and Balie

The Sanna Manor House offers to guests a specific type of sauna, namely garden sauna located in our park. Staying in a huge wooden tub, brought from the far North, relaxing and bathing in fire-heated or cold spring water taken from the Sanna river, you can feel like a Viking resting after a far travel.

Sauna, very popular in the countries of Scandinavia and in Russia (where it is even a part of the national tradition) is becoming increasingly popular in Poland. You can add - fortunately! Stay in the sauna ensures:

• mental relaxation: several moments dedicated to oneself in a cozy atmosphere and blissful heat allows your senses rest,

• body relaxation: the conditions prevailing in the sauna contribute to relaxing muscles and making joints efficient, eliminating or significantly moderating their fatigue, straining, inflammatory conditions, pain troubles and other,

• deep cleansing of skin pores: when pores are blocked, various dirt gathered in them does not have mouth, which results in inflammatory conditions, eczemas, edemas and red spots of the skin. Using sauna allows to avoid such problems,

• removal of toxins from the organism: as research shows, 3/4 of toxins are removed from our body along with sweat through skin pores,

• expansion of blood vessels: steam bath results in an accelerated breath and growth in heart rate. It improves transport of oxygen to cells of our body. Respectively blood-supplied and air-supplied skin becomes firm, it gains a healthy color and young appearance,

• ventilation of lungs: accelerated breath and steam are ideal inhalation. They increase efficiency of our lungs and clean the respiratory tract (it applies in particular to steam bath),

• increase in resistance of the body: heating and cooling body, we harden the whole organism. As a result, we become less susceptible to cold and viral diseases.




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